Todd Brunner, Senior Mechanical Engineer | Design Concepts

Senior Mechanical Engineer | Madison

Todd Brunner

It’s my job to take cool-looking concepts and turn them into great working products. I enjoy the challenge of adhering to the design vision while balancing the goals of efficacy, manufacturability, reliability and frugality.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, BS Mechanical Engineering

Pratt Institute, MS Industrial Design

Quad/Graphics, Mechanical Engineer

Pensa, Senior Design Engineer

Humanscale, Senior Design Engineer

Curiosity and creativity. I love not knowing what project is going to walk through the door next.

Drawing. Playing music. Good (or bad) sci-fi movies. Comics. Games. Hiking. Camping. Saturday mornings spent in pajamas building Lego with my sons.

What is your first memory of design thinking?
One of my favorite activities as a young kid was going outside with my friends after a thunderstorm and racing sticks in the rain-swollen waters of the ditches that circled our neighborhood. A large part of the fun was finding the perfect stick – the initial trial and error that eventually turned into knowledge of which shapes, sizes and modifications would result in the fastest “boat” that wouldn’t get hung up on the weeds and rocks along the shore and could, hopefully, carry a GI Joe figure along for the ride.

Todd Brunner