Shannon Ingles, Design Strategist | Design Concepts

Design Strategist | Madison

Shannon Ingles

I help clients find what strategic direction makes sense for their brand, marketplace and users through co-creation and design methodology. Talking with and observing people to gain knowledge of how different fields operate is my favorite part of the job (along with drawing!).


  • Service designer in healthcare innovation
  • Industrial design intern in shoe design
  • Trained in Industrial Design at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
  • Creative assistant to making weird, imaginative things

I love turning something that is a problem into a useful and desirable solution.

Yoga, playing with my pup, traveling, drawing, painting, building things, baking and cooking.

First memory of design thinking
My first memory of design thinking comes from playing "spy Barbies" with my family. We built a zip line and strategized how to make the Barbies achieve their spy missions. I remember trying to solve how to make toys that were not meant to interact work seamlessly to create the spy-tastic experience we were striving to create. Between this and my mom introducing me to the Adobe Creative Suite before I even knew there was a Microsoft Office, design thinking has been in my life as long as I can remember!

Shannon Ingles