Millie Rodenkirch, Administrative Assistant | Design Concepts

Administrative Assistant | Madison

Millie Rodenkirch

I work from the front desk and stay busy answering phones and greeting customers. While not doing that, I assist Julie with accounting matters, make sure the bills get paid, assist my co-workers with shipping tasks (or other items they need help with) and I make sure our clients have yummy lunches when they visit!


Prior to ‘managing’ things from the front desk, I kept the office looking good by coming in daily to clean. This worked very well for me to be a stay at home mom by day, and a gainfully employed mom by night!


Other than my kids, I don’t really have anything that I would say I’m passionate about. I enjoy spending time with family & friends doing whatever comes up.


I guess I just answered that! I do enjoy playing sand volleyball, biking with the family and spectating at my kids’ events.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

Funny – I didn’t realize at the time that it was design thinking, but everyone here thought it was clever. Before ever being employed here (but my husband Doug was), I took some cake decorating classes. I needed to make practice cakes and didn’t want them at home, so I sent them to work with Doug. I didn’t have anything to put them in, so I used the lid of a bowl as the base, and the bowl as the cover. Everyone thought it was really ‘thinking outside the box’ … does that count?

Millie Rodenkirch