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Design Researcher | Madison

Megan Arthur

I use my digital + futuristic technology nerd skills to help the ‘user’ (whether that’s an entire company, a customer, or a service provider, etc.) implement research findings and suggestions for a better and simpler life for all. With a background in interactive technology and user experience research, my past projects have been geared around people interacting with hardware to influence software in interesting ways.

My previous work experience has been aimed toward improving the digital higher education experience for both students and faculty.

UX Research at EdPlus and at Pearson Education
Arizona State University, Bachelor of Arts – Interactive Technology

Being curious, envisioning the future of my dreams, figuring out how to get there, and doing things that contribute to responsible innovation of products and companies. I also love working at Design Concepts because I get to work with wickedly talented people who push each other to challenge our own ideas with the goal of developing strategic opportunities that drive products and businesses forward.

I’ll try just about anything once. Because of that, I’m always off seeking my next big adventure. I feel like it is my life’s mission to learn and travel the world, and to put myself in situations outside of what is comfortable for me. My one true love is probably food and my favorite part about living back in the Midwest are the lakes! Catch me boating around in the summer or skating (slipping) around the ice in the winter.

First memory of design thinking
As a child, my favorite activities were creating elaborate structures for marble runs and buildings out of Lincoln Logs. I didn’t call it design thinking at the time, but I remember carefully constructing these structures to see how big and unique I could make them, trying to emulate the things around me (Chicago skyscrapers), and focusing on the ways to make them sturdier. I was also a huge puzzle enthusiast, often racing against my family (and winning). Instead of focusing on finding the edge pieces that fit together and building from there, I paid far more attention to the big picture on the box, grouping pieces by specific colors and shades and, in the process, building many “mini puzzles” until they all came together to fit into one perfect picture.

Megan Arthur