Ken Soliva, Director of Interaction Design | Design Concepts

Director of Interaction Design | Madison

Ken Soliva

I design software-based products and services that aim to delight users, balance the realities of a constantly evolving digital landscape, and, ultimately, advance the strategic initiatives of our clients.


Trek Bicycle
I established and managed the design team responsible for Trek websites, web applications, mobile apps and digital device interfaces.

University of Wisconsin-Madison
BS, Interarts and Technology

My passion is simplicity. I love that moment in the design process when everything extraneous has been removed and everything remaining has a clear purpose, be it form or function.

Art, design, family, food, music, soccer, travel, typography, video games and web technologies

What is your first memory of Design Thinking?
My first grade teacher was an advocate for having computers in the classroom. I remember using an Apple II and tinkering with the Logo programming language. Through trial and error, that little turtle and I overcame many design challenges.

Ken Soliva