Justen England

Managing Director


Justen England


Using creative design thinking to create innovative solutions for any situation. Creating simple optimized solutions that maximize the end users experience.


Senior Medical Device Design Engineer, Barosense Inc
Mechanical Engineer, Alza
Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University


Learning about and trying new things. Trying to figure out how the whole world functions and works, then trying to make it all better designed than it was.


Mountain biking! Hiking. Socializing. Camping. Enjoying good beer, wine and food - I'm a foodie. Seeing new places and things. Electronics.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

It goes back to a delicious and oh so healthy fast food meal. I was playing with the free toy that came in my Happy Meal and suddenly wondered what made it move and work. So I smashed it open to see what was inside. I was amazed at the spring mechanism and small plastic gears, and wondered how they could just give that away for free. Then I threw the scraps to the ground and got back to my French fries!

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