Jacob Schepp, Senior Engineering Technician | Design Concepts

Senior Engineering Technician | Madison

Jacob Schepp

Rapid prototyping of electrical circuits, troubleshooting, board layout, managing of engineering lab, assisting with 3D printing to deliver solutions, and being on the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

PIKE Technologies – Product Specialist
Cardiac Science – Electronic Technician 3
LDS Test and Measurement – Electronic Technician
ZMD Reining – Head Engineering Technician

Being challenged with ideas,figuring out how to make them, and turning them into real-life solutions.

Salmon fishing on Lake Michigan, kayak fishing, camping, tinkering in the garage as a hobbyist mechanic, and building science consulting.
First memory of Design Thinking
Setting up my first model railroad, especially after using the circular saw and accidentally cutting the cord. Sorry Dad, guess I should had asked for some help…

Jacob Schepp