Jack Boland, Mechanical Engineer | Design Concepts

Mechanical Engineer | San Francisco

Jack Boland

I contribute my perspective and experience to our team with the hopes of arriving at innovative and superior solutions to our clients’ needs. Though focused in Mechanical Engineering, I continually work to absorb the enormous talent that surrounds me to aid in bridging between the various disciplines.


University of Wisconsin Madison -- B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Otherlab -- Junior Engineer

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery -- Intern/Frontier Fellow


Laying the groundwork for great ideas to collide and waiting for that moment when everything clicks producing a perfectly elegant and intuitive design. Constantly absorbing information and learning new skills so that when a new problem is presented, a diverse set of experiences can be drawn upon to find a unique solution.


Climb rocks

Bike across roads and mountains

Make things

Hack other things

Think about stuff

Learn new things

What is your first memory of design thinking?

I was a big contraption builder when I was a kid. Whenever I used to make something, my mom would wave her arm back and forth like the needle on some type of gauge and say “Idiot or Genius?” (still TBD…). One time I designed a system on my porch such that when the door was opened it turned on an electric motor which spun the hose on and sprayed whoever had opened it. Proud of my design, I marked this one in the ‘Genius’ category until my mom came home to a smoking porch and thought the contrary.

Jack Boland