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Industrial Designer | Madison

Erik Eagleman

I am fortunate to work at a place that values the impact of what design can bring. Each step in my career has brought me a little closer to know the full value of design, and at Design Concepts I am able to apply this to every project I do. Empathy and understanding are the name of the game, and using this to generate ideas is what I love best here.

I have had a 15-year stint designing in the bicycle industry, which brought my family and I across the country from Connecticut to Basel, Switzerland to Frieburg, Germany and back to the U.S. in Wisconsin, where we found home! My journeys have taught me a lot about a global understanding for product, people, culture and the impact they have.

I would not be who I am if it was not for my family who keep me grounded and show me what passion is about. Putting myself second and then third, and then fourth, and now fifth has taught me about humility and keeping their needs above my own.

I am an avid cyclist of all shapes and sizes. I also love running and any outdoors sports/leisure of any kind. I love woodworking and working toward restoring my old ‘65 VW bus.

First memory of Design Thinking
I think that my first thought of design thinking was when I was 6 or 7, in the store with my mom and looking at the telephones they had for sale. They were all lined up displayed on a shelf. You could pick up the receiver and hold it to your ear, and punch in the buttons to try it out. Each one looked different, however they all did the same function. It made me think deeper into why there was a need for so many phones that all did the same thing. Maybe there is more to a product then the sum of their functions.

Erik Eagleman