Craig Conner, Director of Human Factors & Principal | Design Concepts

Director of Human Factors & Principal | Madison

Craig Conner

Craig leads our Human Factors team, ensuring that we design products that meet the needs, capabilities and limitations of users. Much of the challenge of Human Factors is finding pragmatic ways of getting the data needed to make sound decisions. So it should be no surprise that Craig loves using models in research. To him, few things are more fun than sculpting form study models in the Design Concepts shop.

Craig has a background in ergonomics, design engineering and fine arts. He holds degrees from both Notre Dame and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, focusing on user-centered design. He started his career in R&D at Fiskars and joined Design Concepts in 2004.

With Design Concepts President Dave Franchino, Craig teaches a product design course for the UW-Madison Department of Mechanical Engineering.

When not conducting field observations or sculpting in the Model Shop, Craig confesses to using this “freakish height” as an athletic advantage. He fenced epee in college and now wields a fierce badminton racket.

Craig Conner