Casey Barbarino, Mechanical Engineer | Design Concepts

Mechanical Engineer | San Francisco

Casey Barbarino

I’m always looking for new opportunities to collaborate & innovate with the talented people that surround me to find solutions to all kinds of problems and products. I take any chance I can get to learn something new and apply it to my work to bring a better design and experience to our clients.

My past has been primarily focused in mechanical design of all sorts of medical devices ranging from laparoscopic surgical devices to Class III implantable systems. I also have experience in the manufacturing world from working directly with contract manufacturers overseas to building devices in on-site clean room environments.

Finding ways to bring engineering to a personal level to engage individuals, teams and myself in a way that everybody can understand. I love to learn about anything that’s in front of me and experiment to see what works and what doesn’t to mold concepts and sketches into exciting and useful products.


  • Mountain biking
  • Craigslist. My friends and family refer to me as the “Craigslist King.” I know how to find a good deal and am a master negotiator/haggler.
  • Collecting, learning and playing instruments
  • Exploring the great outdoors whether it be hiking, camping or backpacking
  • Oh, and did I mention Craigslist?

First memory of design thinking?
When I was a kid, I had a toy car that you would effectively “weld” the parts together with plastic (hmm, safe for children? Maybe not, ha ha!), intentionally crash it into something, watch the explosion of parts in wonder, rebuild and repeat. I remember my friends would barely “weld” the parts on, hoping for the biggest explosion of parts when we ran the toy car into some sort of wall or obstacle. I, on the other hand, took it upon myself to find the best ways to “weld” the different parts onto the toy car to prevent total catastrophe upon impact with the kitchen cabinet, office drawer or one of my unsuspecting parents.

Casey Barbarino