Amrish Chourasia, Human Factors Engineer | Design Concepts

Human Factors Engineer | Madison

Amrish Chourasia

Ensuring that products and systems accommodate people and not the other way around.

UW - Madison
Research - touch screens, ergonomics, hand biomechanics, disability, computer accessibility
Teaching - Human Factors, Occupational Ergonomics and Biomechanics

Figuring out how the world around us works and using that knowledge to improve things.

Trivia, history of science, answering "why?" questions for my three-year-old son.

What is your first memory of design thinking?
As a boy scout in eighth grade, we built a 30 foot watchtower. I even had scale models for that thing! I was so confident in the design that I was the first one to climb it.

Amrish Chourasia