Tru-Fit™ Attachment

Attachment gives patients some space

Stryker Medical's Tru-fit™ Overbed Tables are widely used in hospital patient recovery rooms. To gain an even greater competitive advantage in the marketplace, Styker Medical enlisted the help of Design Concepts to design the Tru-fit™ Overbed Table Storage Attachment. Patients use the attachment to store personal items.

Voice-of-the-customer research in several hospitals identified key stakeholders ranging from patients and nurses to housekeeping and maintenance. Consumer preference testing used several prototypes based on stakeholder feedback. Industrial designers developed an attachment that looked native to the award-winning table and shared common aesthetics. Finite Element Analysis and risk analysis insured that the unit was strong, reliable and functional. Quality control drawings specified critical dimensions for parts and assemblies in coordination with Stryker's preferred manufacturing partner.

The Storage Attachment allows personal items to be privately stored, while maintaining a clean and clear tabletop surface. It fits seamlessly to the existing Tru-Fit™ table.

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