Mightier than the mop

Consumers view polished floors as a sign of quality and cleanliness. But there is a price to be paid in water and product waste, indoor air quality, labor costs, and the strain placed on the backs of cleaning personnel.

For Diversey, a manufacturer of commercial cleaning and hygiene products, the traditional approaches just weren’t good enough. The company places a priority on sustainable solutions that preserve the planet, protect lives and transform the industry. As water becomes increasingly precious and businesses struggle to optimize tight budgets, Diversey saw an opportunity to innovate. It asked Design Concepts to re-imagine the process of applying floor finish on smaller, commercial areas.

Our hands-on field research with cleaning professionals helped us evaluate existing tools. Designers and engineers created multiple concepts based on feedback and observation. The Model Shop fabricated numerous mock-ups and prototypes that enabled rapid, ongoing testing and refinement based upon user feedback.

Speed and ease of use were prime considerations as labor costs are roughly 90 percent of a typical organization’s cleaning budget. With packaging and dispensing fully integrated into the tool, the ProSpeed takes less than a minute to set up and allows workers to finish floors up to three times faster than conventional methods. 

Using a closed bag-in-box finish package and disposable pads, the system uses only the amount of floor finish needed for the job and stores “as is” until the next time it’s needed. This reduces finish waste by up to 95 percent and eliminates water from clean up. In addition, the system is designed to evenly dispense polish regardless of pressure applied.

The ergonomically designed handle and “auger” approach were key innovations to the applicator design. The patented shape, reduces operator fatigue and places less stress on the shoulders and back. The applicator automatically swivels into the correct working position, reducing the need for training and possible operator mistakes.

The ProSpeed has been embraced by the cleaning industry. The International Sanitary Supply Association/INTERCLEAN North American trade show named ProSpeed™ an Innovation Award winner. It also earned the coveted Human Factors and Ergonomics Society User Centered Design Award.

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