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First Alert

Onelink® Connected Safe

Smart, safe & simply elegant

No more forgotten codes or lost keys.

First Alert’s new Onelink connected safe enables users to manage the protection of their valuables with a smart phone app. Your smart phone acts as your key, eliminating the need for a keypad or traditional keyed lock, allowing for a bold new aesthetic for the entry interface.

Design Concepts crafted a unique signature aesthetic based on the product positioning, technology and usability. The new aesthetic features a simple, elegantly sculpted access handle with integrated indicator lighting that shifts color to communicate different modes — red when the safe is locked, green when it is open, and blue during setup functions.

To perfect the light design, our team of electrical engineers and prototype professionals created numerous iterative prototypes to test the electromechanical performance of the light pipe. A polished black chrome finish applied to the access handle imparts a distinctly high-end accent to the final product.

In support of the launch of the First Alert Onelink product line at CES 2015, our electrical lab and model shop created multiple functional prototypes.

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