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Meter helps ensure accurate billing

Ikaria’s INOtherapy™ is a suite of FDA-approved nitric oxide inhalation therapies used to treat newborns with hypoxic respiratory failure (HRF), a life-threatening condition in which cells are unable to receive enough oxygen. Ikaria approached Design Concepts to design a meter that supports accurate billing of the drug therapy.

The INOmeter sits atop a cylinder of therapeutic nitric oxide and is a critical tool for accurate billing of the drug therapy. Our electrical engineers redesigned the hardware and software to have a greater battery capacity and to be very power conscious. They designed a device with the ability to store the billing data in non-volatile memory. Designers maintained backwards compatibility by reverse-engineering the form, fit and function of the original INOmeter: the mechanical parts, the electronic hardware and the software. In addition, designers' efforts reduced the parts cost of the meter.

The result of the new design solution is an improved device, the INOmeter EB, which exceeds the three-year deployment endurance requirement and will retain stored billing data indefinitely – even if the batteries expire. The INOmeter EB is identical in appearance and operation to the previous version of the device. It’s 100% compatible with the legacy system. More than 25,000 of the units have been manufactured and successfully fielded.

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