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Ceiling Fan Concepts

Blowing away consumers with signature style

Fanimation, a family-owned manufacturer and distributor of ceiling fans, presented us with a designer’s dream project. Its products are used in restaurants, hotels, shops, theme parks and residential homes. The company was looking for concept designs to inspire a vision for future product line additions that could grow their business within both the specialty and big-box retail channels.

The company asked Design Concepts to explore and conceptualize a line of fun, daring, statement-making indoor ceiling fans to blow away consumers and interior designers. 

The industrial design team started with an assessment of current and emerging design, material and architecture trends to serve as both inspiration and a frame of reference. The team’s designs — ranging from traditional to modern, simple to complex — were developed to evoke an emotional response. Each design reflected a theme derived from the inspiration research. Careful attention to detail and material selection were critical to crafting such a highly visibility product. 

The resulting designs are truly unique pieces of fan fashion, each with its own story. Fanimation brought three of the concepts to market, immediately slating the rest for future refinement and development.

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