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Wilson Sporting Goods

Baiardo Stringing Machine

Adjustable and awesome

Wilson Sporting Goods, a worldwide-leader in sports equipment, selected Design Concepts to design a tennis racket stringing machine that would revolutionize the industry by paying unprecedented attention to the comfort and positioning of the user.

Our team conducted user research to define the stringing machine’s base and clamping system. While in the field, Design Concepts’ human factors team noted the awkward, uncomfortable positions that each individual assumed throughout the stringing process and developed concepts for a revolutionary new design.

Unlike traditional stringing machines, the Baiardo features a stringing turntable that raises, lowers and tilts to maintain an upright posture and improved line of sight for the operator. It automatically adjusts height up to three times during the stringing process to make certain the user is in the best possible position for the task being accomplished.

The Wilson Baiardo is getting rave reviews from users and industry professionals and was introduced at the US Open. It was named the “Stringing Machine of the Decade” by the European Racquet Stringers Association. Read the story.

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