Nick Reback

Nick Reback
Nick Reback Nick Reback Nick Reback Nick Reback

Industrial Designer

I help clients visualize mechanical solutions, business strategies and/or aesthetic intent by employing my skills in visual communication. I am frequently involved in ethnographic and contextual research which add depth and substance to the work I create.

In the past, I have been employed as a sausage-maker, phlebotomist, wood-worker and toy-designer!

My interest in Industrial Design is fueled by a desire to solve problems (tangible or intangible) related to visually communicating an idea. With each project my goal is to see the client smile, there is no better indication of a job well done. I am driven by a desire to continually learn and by the network of creative people that surround me.

Outside of work I am involved in making furniture and keeping sketchbooks of my observations and experiences. Presently I’m enrolled in the Graphic Design and Illustration program at Madison Area Technical College.

What is your first memory of design thinking?
Growing up in the passive solar home my folks built out near Spring Green, WI. And when I say ‘they built it’, I mean they actually nailed every board, window, door and shingle into place themselves. It was a real DIY environment. On one Thanksgiving a family friend came over and neutered the cats on the kitchen table.