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Research & Design Strategy

We believe in doing our homework. That's why Research & Design Strategy is our foundation and our science for making the right decisions about the future. It’s our path to product innovation and invention, and it’s how we envision success.

Thinking bigger starts with learning more

We use primary, secondary and tertiary quantitative and qualitative research principles to best determine the wants and needs that a product must fulfill. We base our design strategy on these findings and insights. We also understand that there can be no business without a customer, so we are always looking to make a user-centered case for our recommendations.


  • Contextual research
  • Ethnographic research
  • Task analysis
  • Workflow and experience mapping
  • Literature searches
  • Anthropometric studies
  • Concept development
  • Concept preference testing
  • Use-error risk analysis
  • Formative usability studies
  • Summative usability studies
  • Workshops

Meet our team

From anthropologists to research librarians, our Research and Design Strategy team has the experience necessary to mine for the insights you need for success.

Amy Lee
Roshelle Ritzenthaler
Stefanie Norvaisas
Vivian Lin

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Find out more about the data and insights our Research and Design Strategy team could uncover to move your business forward.

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