Consider us your product development sherpas.

Developing a successful product and bringing it to market is more complicated than ever. Our project managers are engineers, designers, researchers and strategists who understand the ins and outs of creating inspiring ideas that become inspired (and successful) products. They follow our product development process, which has been tested and refined over about 2,500 projects spanning four decades. Let us be your guide.

Our Services

Research & Strategy

A great idea without a firm grounding in reality may go nowhere. We help clients identify risks and opportunities while creating a roadmap to success.

Research & Design Strategy

Business Strategy


Curiosity is our catalyst, empathy is our guide and inspired solutions are the result. Design crafts physical and digital experiences, allowing a brand to express its singularity and build emotive connections with users.

Industrial Design

User Experience Design


It looks great, but does it work? That’s not a question you ever have to ask us.

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Human Factors


We’ve got it all in house

From addressing short-term needs to full turnkey solutions, our experts are available to provide the resources necessary for your project’s success.

Get traction

Get traction

  • Energize with our workshops and innovation sessions
  • Reinforce your internal resources with our experts
  • Use our facilitators to lead brainstorming
Look beyond

Look beyond

  • Ideate your product’s next iteration
  • Identify paths for business expansion
  • Gain user insight to create the next big idea
Get it done

Get it done

  • Use our experts to prototype and test concepts
  • Move from concept to reality through detailed engineering
  • Manufacture the best product with our support during tool-up

Train your team

Knowledge is indeed power. We can provide your team with the tools to connect with users, move your business strategy forward and make decisions that stick.

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