Trek Super Doodlebug

Trek Super Doodlebug
Trek Super Doodlebug Trek Super Doodlebug Trek Super Doodlebug

Trek, one of the strongest brands in bicycling worldwide, enlisted the help of Design Concepts to develop the framework and folding mechanism to easily collapse the Trek Super Doodlebug Trailer into a portable unit.

Design Concepts’ mechanical engineers designed the framework of the trailer with an emphasis on safety, ease of use and comfort.

The study framework of the Trek Super Doodlebug Trailer collapses easily for storage and transporting, yet remains strong and structural for maximum safety. By removing a safety interlock pin, pushing a button and simply pulling back a comfortable handle grip, the trailer collapses within seconds.

The frame has a low height so a child can easily step inside the trailer and have an unobstructed view as they ride. Parents have easy access to up to two children seated in the Doodlebug, which supports up to 100 pounds. With the help of a conversion kit, it reconfigures into a safe, durable stroller.

Client: Trek

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