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JohnsonDiversey ProSpeeed JohnsonDiversey ProSpeeedcutter JohnsonDiversey ProSpeed

JohnsonDiversey, manufacturer of commercial cleaning and hygiene products, selected Design Concepts to create an easy to set up, use and clean floor finish applicator that translates to a high quality finish as well as labor savings.

Design Concepts conducted extensive hands-on research in the field with cleaning professionals to evaluate existing tools and multiple concepts to create a new approach to floor finishing. Designers evolved their concepts to address the specific challenges and ideas learned through user experiences. Numerous mock-ups and prototypes allowed for ongoing testing and refinement of the designs based on user feedback.

ProSpeed’s™ new “auger” design makes floor cleaning faster and easier than traditional systems. The connector tube between the pole handle and the pre-mixed finish “pouch” eliminates the need for cumbersome bucket-and-water flooring systems. The ProSpeed system requires only the new cleaning pole and the finish pouch.

Launched in May 2008, the ProSpeed™ finishes floors easily, efficiently and effectively and is receiving rave reviews from the industry. Just 3 months after the ProSpeed's™ launch, the International Sanitary Supply Association/INTERCLEAN 2008 North American trade show named ProSpeed™ an Innovation Award winner. More recently, the ProSpeed™ earned the coveted Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 2009 User Centered Design Award.

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