Necessity is the mother of innovation!

December 02, 2012

I am always amazed and impressed at the creativity of our shop staff when it comes to solving problems and prototyping new products and processes.

It sometimes seems like there isn’t anything they can’t figure out how to do. They were recently presented with the challenge of needing to bond an element in a new medical device and turned to UV curing of a cyanoacrylate based adhesive. The problem is that the part required a circular seal around the perimeter and we needed to precisely control the exposure time to the UV light.

Their solution was to adapt the 4th axis from our CNC programmable mill onto our non-programmable knee mill. The quill of the knee mill allowed them to provide clamping pressure and then they ran a program that precisely indexed and rotated the part around the UV light, pausing to allow for an accurate and repeatable curing schedule. Pretty cool stuff. Have a look!