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Design Double Take: Seoul

March 05, 2012

Several of our design teams are currently working around the globe researching user experiences.. At the end of their busy day, each team has been challenged to find a spare moment - not easy to do on these fast-paced, rigorous trips - and snap a photo of something that makes them do a design double take.

I was working with Dan Sarbarcker, design strategist, in Seoul, Korea. From everyday life, to the universal appeal of a pop icon to the preparedness that's the reality of our times, these images made our heads turn.

A sign of our times, or maybe just a sign of superb preparedness. These are emergency kit boxes they have all over the subway system, a system that is amazing, by the way. Super clean, easy to get around in, with incredible signage. They're all about being prepared, and these kits are all throughout the system with escape maps outlined, as well as fire extinguishers and gas masks. Strange and very cool!