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Design Double Take: Fort Lauderdale

March 28, 2012

My locale is not nearly as exotic as the locations where my co-workers have been posting from, but I’ve spent the last couple of days in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with my brilliant colleague, Stef Norvaisas. We were helping STARLIMS – a leading laboratory software information systems company – by facilitating some customer brainstorming sessions at their national sale conference. We wanted to help STARLIMS use their customers to help envision the future of mobile computing and how it would change their industries. It ended up being a very fun and provocative couple of sessions!

Anyway, I took a few moments between sessions to wander among the mega yachts tied up on the piers by the hotel. The name of this one caught my eye. “Outta Touch”.. Really? Really?? In today’s “Occupy Wall Street” age do you really want to name your luxury yacht "Outta Touch?" Don’t these people have “people” that keep them from making these types of mistakes? Do you think they don’t get the irony or perhaps they just don’t care?

Clearly we’re in rarified water here.

In today’s “Occupy Wall Street” age do you really want to name your luxury yacht "Outta Touch?"

Later on in the evening our waiter pointed out Steven Spielberg’s Mega Yacht – the Seven Seas - (apparently it’s the most expensive private yacht on the planet) moored across from the restaurant. I wouldn’t have believed it had it not been for the magic of Google. Yep. In Ft. Lauderdale of all places. Here it is (pictures from Google – it was dark but, yes, it is as freakishly huge as it appears in these pictures).

But it was really this yacht (below) that caught my eye!

Believe it or not, so far as the REALLY big yachts go around here, in terms of size this one is sort of.. umm, uh… pedestrian. It looks like this would fit on the back of the Seven Seas. Sideways. Ok, maybe not.

I liked the lines of this boat, but what really stood out though was the color – flat, gunmetal gray. The picture’s not the best, but the effect was pretty impressive and attention grabbing. Now, flat colors are all the rage on custom cars but on your zillion dollar luxury yacht? That takes some guts. I’m not really a big powerboat aficionado but in a sea (literally) of white with the occasional blue, this boat looked particularly noticeable - in a good way.

My hat’s off the to the designer with the courage to propose taking a different approach and perhaps even the owner for taking a bit of a risk on his or her multi-million dollar toy. Good for you. Not that I can relate, mind you. You’re still outta touch!