Design Double Take: China

March 04, 2012

Our design teams are traveling the world on behalf of our clients gaining insights into user experiences. Over the next eight weeks, six teams will be gathering information on five continents. Teams have been challenged to find a spare moment and take a quick photo along the way of something that makes them do a design double-take. We'll be sharing our quick snapshots of things that made us turn our heads and notice design - the good, the bad, the beautiful and even the outrageous - in every corner of planet.

Our first trip takes us to Shenyang, China where Stephanie Galligan, design researcher + studio lead, and Rachel DeSmidt, industrial designer + project manager, noticed an interesting design adaptation that might warm a rider's hands during any Wisconsin winter. Why haven't we seen this before?

And proving that even the ordinary can be spectacular, lunch options that put a filet-o-fish to shame.