Design Double Take: Belgium

March 14, 2012

Our project work continues as our teams are now in Europe conducting research that will influence our client's design and business strategies.

Today, Marlisa Kopenski, director of business strategy, is taking a moment to share an image of what turned her head. Marlisa explains, "Our project has us in Ghent, Belgium and our hotel is very close to the Design Museum. We had to do a double take when we saw the sign for it—it looked eerily familiar."

Last week, Marlisa wrapped up project work in London with Design Concepts' industrial designer and project team member Jarod Beukelman. Although their projects kept them extremely busy, troupers that they are, they made the time to submit a Design Double Take of what they saw outside their hotel. It's a scene worthy of any nineteenth-century British novel -  the Bronte sisters can't be more than 50 feet away.