Design Double Take 11: Manchester

April 02, 2012

Taking in a 5,000 foot view, you can loosely define a city’s character by its colors, textures, noises and smells . It’s when you actually hit the ground and dig around a little bit that you begin to discover the pleasant surprises that form the more lasting impression you will carry with you.

Arriving in Manchester, England I think you might expect a workman’s redbrick Football town, and admittedly, on the taxi ride in I began to think the same thing. But, within hours of landing, I was hooked. Before I knew it I had covered the circumference of its City Centre by foot!

The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) collects and preserves the equipment that revolutionized and fueled the growth of industrialized, civilized England. I didn't think I’d be so fascinated by the evolution of textile looms and the English sewage system, but I was!

One of my favorite nooks ended up being the Northern Corner of City Centre.

On that note, who’da thunk English political propaganda would be so graphically intriguing. I do, after visiting the People’s History Museum where the civil plight of the common Manchester citizen is well documented in a series of preserved political posters.

One of my favorite nooks ended up being the Northern Corner of City Centre. A little rough around the edges, this graffiti covered neighborhood of non-descript redbrick flats hides Manchester’s creative side – a coalition of local designers and artists who not only supply craft but provide education and a creative outlet for the cities youth.

I feel so fortunate getting this opportunity to explore it served as the perfect primer for my next stop, Stockholm, Sweden.