Senior Electrical Engineer

Scott Woods

Design hardware, firmware and some software for electronic circuits required for projects usually run by embedded micro-processors with their firmware (software in eeprom, rom or flash) written in C.

Owner of ESP Technology, electronic design and consulting sole proprietorship;
Electronics Department manager, Project Engineer, and Advance Engineer at Borg Instruments;
Electronics Department Supervisor at Radiation Measurements, Inc.;
Contract Engineer at Advanced Detection Systems and GE Medical Systems;
Instructor at Wisconsin School of Electronics.

Want to understand how things work and use that knowledge to make things that do not yet exist, and make things better for people.

Read and watch science fiction, play with electronics, dabble in politics, camp and do things with my family, participate in my college fraternity functions (KHK, an EE fraternity) and try to understand modern physics (relativistic, quantum & GUT).

What is your first memory of design thinking?
Either constructing a tree house with some found wood or constructing a grass hut for a school project.