Design Strategist

Roshelle Ritzenthaler

I create strategic frameworks and narratives to help simplify complex problems and uncover compelling design solutions.

Gensler, Design Strategist

Perkins+Will, Planning + Strategies Consultant

Bruce Mau Design, Design Researcher

Reframing the problem.

Finding the perfect metaphor.

Looking for patterns in the Sunday paper.

From snowshoeing to farmers’ markets, I’m loving life back in Wisconsin.

What is your first memory of design thinking?
In first grade I participated in my school’s Odyssey of the Mind program. While we didn’t call what we were doing design thinking at the time, I remember activities that helped us embrace our childlike naivety to find creative solutions. In one instance, my team was given a tool that was altogether foreign to us (a golf ball retriever) and we were tasked with inventing a list of possible uses (apple picker! periscope! potato launcher!) The more creative and further from the truth, the more points your team received. Today, I love using these exercises in the seminars I lead—but this time around, it’s the adults daring to be naïve!