Marketing Communications Manager

Joan Neeno

I help the Design Concepts team communicate their stories and develop the brand to support our business growth.

Director of Marketing & Public Relations – St. Mary’s Janesville Hospital
Consultant – MoJoan Communications
Senior Account Executive – Hiebing

I love creating communications that engage and inspire. Writing and helping others with their writing is my particular passion. Working with smart, creative and kind people is such fun. It gets me out of bed in the morning.

In my free time, I play keyboard and sing with a rock band made up of doctors called The GoDeans. I also write restaurant reviews for the Janesville Gazette. When I’m not doing all of that or “projects” around my century-old house, I’m playing around with cocktail recipes.

What is your first memory of design thinking?
I was a Barbie freak. My bedroom had a linen closet that I turned into a Barbie skyscraper with apartments on every shelf (over the sheets and blankets). My mom was a very tolerant woman!