Prototype Specialist

Evan Bunke

My job is to turn ideas into reality in the form of three-dimensional prototypes and models.

I graduated from Madison Area Technical College with a degree in Machine Tool Techniques in 2013. After graduation, I worked at Gammex Inc. as a Machinist until I joined Design Concepts in late 2015.

Creation. I’m more at home in a shop than anywhere else and I can never get enough of making new and exciting things.

Education. Much of my free time is spent at BadgerBOTS, a local nonprofit, teaching high school students how to build robots, as a way of getting them interested in STEM fields.

First memory of design thinking
My dad had a wood shop in the basement when I was growing up. He taught me how to use all the tools and encouraged me to come up with cool projects, so it’s been with me practically since birth.