Director of Client Relations - West

Chet Douglas

I try to engage potential clients who need external design contributions or those looking for disruptive thinking.  Fortunately, the team is super talented, creative and a force when working with clients who need design assistance. The path can be long, but ultimately rewarding as companies realize the power of external innovative design thinking ... and timely deliverables. 


  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Beach Goer
  • Trail Rider & Racer

Identifying those who have needs and being able to offer solutions that enhance relationships   


  • Dog Walker
  • Mountain Biker
  • Car restoration coordinator and driver
  • Father and patient husband
  • Garage aficionado, new country music listener, Session IPA lover

What is your first memory of design thinking?
Early design thinking included bikes and skateboards.  Schwinn Sting-Ray with banana seats and a cool lime-green frame and Raleigh Pro black 21 speed road bikes. Each had many unique touches of frame design and components.  Early design thinking included restoring bikes and special part swap-outs to enhance the “cool factor” while making them easier to ride and use.  Brooks leather seats and Flanders handlebars were noticeable upgrades. A great example of non-design thinking? Keeping two front bolts on the fork axles securely fastened! The results from “Wheelies” on streets and having front wheels fall off midair was not pretty.  In addition, I found out the hard way that skateboard companies used the wrong material to test and prototype long-boards. It looked cool but 3/4” thick Lucite material snaps, usually while going fast, downhill.