Usability Engineer

Chad Schweitzer

Developing, integrating and testing firmware for embedded systems. People’s impression of embedded systems tends to be that they are dull and boring until they do not work properly, at which point they suddenly become quite interesting. Examples include thermostatic controls, anti-lock brakes and pacemakers.

Locus – Software Development Engineer
Gammex RMI – Software Engineer
Digisonix – Development Engineer
UW – Madison: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Achieving a deep understanding of systems.
Good organization and presentation of concepts and principles.

Roasting, grinding, brewing and drinking coffee. Enjoying food, mostly through consumption. Practicing martial arts. Reading, usually while drinking coffee.

What is your first memory of design thinking?
It was either trying to design a backrest for my bicycle seat or wondering if it was possible to put a transmission in a piston-engine aircraft.